Introducing The Only Dress.

Made in Canada

Canadian sourced materials with fair wages for production. Locally designed.

Exclusive Limited Run

Small batch production of signature prints.

Free Shipping

Standard shipping is free to Canada and United States.

Introducing The Only Dress. 

It’s the Only Dress you will ever need for vacation.  One fabulous style, available in 6 gorgeous colors.  Meticulously designed to fit and flatter every body shape with a signature structured shoulder and matching fabric belt.  

Hand Crafted and designed with purpose.

Luxurious fabrics of rayon and viscose will breath in the heat and kick out wrinkles in the humidity.  Regardless of what  you are planning, the exclusive design of the Only Dress will help you feel appropriate and confident. 


From suitcase to poolside, from bunch to happy hour, from shopping to dinner rezos, the Only Dress has got you covered from the moment you book your vacation. This is legit The ONLY dress you will ever need for any vacation.