About Us

As you already know, Hunchies are hair drip for bad ass b*tches.  But maybe what you don’t know is who made all those fabulous finds and why.

My name is Carleen and I would describe myself as an expert fabric picker, pretty solid seamstress, below average hair stylist, and passionate about hair Hunchies kind of gal. 

Growing up in the mountains with a Mom who was a sewing teacher, fashion design and all things sewing are in my blood.  

When I am not at home creating, you can usually find me chasing my never ending travel bug – fueling the Hunchie shop with eclectic fabric choices from far away places.  

My friends and family are my rocks and over here at the Hunchie shop, we believe that Bad Ass B*tches are not born, they are made.   So if you know what it means to battle your way back, then it’s time … to get your Hunchie on.