About Us

As you already know, Hunchies are hair scrunchies for bad ass b*tches.  But maybe what you don’t know is who made all those fabulous Hunchies and why.

My name is Carleen and I am an expert fabric picker, pretty solid seamstress, below average hair stylist, and passionate about hair Hunchies kind of gal. 

With the help of my Mom, who is the real expert seamstress of this team, and her non-profit sewing group WiseHart, we managed to sew a room full of Hunchies and get this little project off the ground.  Hunchie is a product of a pie in the sky pipe dream and a team of women who managed to sew it all together.

My friends and family are my rocks and here at Hunchie we believe that Bad Ass B*tches are not born, they are made.   So if you know what it means to battle your way back, then it’s time … to get your Hunchie on.